Resources for Teaching Sikhism (Primary)

Further classroom activities exploring Sikhism from RE Today curriculum publications

TopicRE Today Publication/Series
Sikh Stories

Story: Guru Nanak and Bhai Lalo

Story: The formation of the Khalsa

Stories about Guru Nanak: understanding God
Faith Stories (DPRE) pp.30-2

Faith Stories (DPRE) pp.30-2

Stories about God (DPRE) pp.29-31

FestivalsHow and why do Sikhs celebrate Baisakhi? (Formation of the Khalsa)

Celebrating Divali: Hindu and Sikh perspectives

Baisakhi: understanding Sikhs through festival
Community (OURE) pp.14-18

Celebrations (EAT) pp.21-6

Special Times (DPRE) pp.29-32
Sacred texts
Sacred Words of the Guru Granth Sahib
Words of Wisdom (DPRE) pp.27-31
Meet faith community members
Meet Eeshar
Religion Around Me (EAT) pp.22-3
Codes for living
Exploring religious codes for living: Sikhism (one of four religions covered)
Codes for Living (EAT) pp.20-23
ValuesWhy is helping people important to Sikhs? (Story of Guru Amar Das and Emporer Akbar; the Langar)

Learning from Sikh values: equality and service

Baljit Singh: Seva

Belonging to a Sikh community: eating together at the Gurdwara

Belonging: who do we belong to? What do we belong to and how do we show it?

Caring for others: How do Christians and Sikhs help?
Community (OURE) pp.8-13

Opening up Values (OURE)

Special People (DPRE) pp.26-9

Opening up Belonging (OURE) p.7

Opening up Belonging (OURE) p.8-12

Opening Up Promises (OURE) p. 14-19

Subject leader
Representing Sikhism
Community (OURE) p.32