Resources for Teaching Buddhism


RE Today curriculum book/series

Buddhist stories

Story: Sunita the Scavenger. Is it important to treat everyone with respect?

Story: Queen Maya's Dream

Story: Anguimala and the Buddha

Opening up Respect (OURE) pp.2–5

Faith Stories (DPRE) pp. 10

Faith Stories(DPRE) p.11

Special People

Aung San Suu Kyi: decision making and service

Special People (DPRE) pp. 22-5
Meet faith community members

Meet Alice

Religion Around Me (EAT) pp.22-3

What is important for Buddhists about being part of a community?

What can Buddhists learn from the world around them? What can we learn?
Community (OURE) pp.19-23

Community (OURE) pp.2-7

Subject Leader
Representing Buddhism
Community (OURE) p.30

Note on abbreviations
DPRE = Developing Primary RE, edited by Joyce Mackley
EAT = Exploring a Theme, edited by Joyce Mackley
OURE = Opening up RE series: edited by Joyce Mackley (bks 1 – 3), Fiona Moss (bks 4 – 12)