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Christian Aid
We have written six learning packs (each probably a couple of lessons) in collaboration with Christian Aid, with all GCSE boards in mind. The focus is not narrowly on a charity’s world development set of issues, but also looks at key ideas from the syllabus: global church, Christian mission, ideas about salvation, values, beliefs and the use of sources of wisdom and authority. We’ve put lots of ready to use active learning in each lesson – and an interview with Rowan Williams.
What’s faith got to do with world issues?
What kind of charity is Christian Aid?
What is the point of modern Christian mission?
What is ‘evil’? Is there a solution to suffering?
What is ‘church’?
Salvation: spiritual or practical?

REtoday Magazine
Our 96-page, full colour magazine is published three times a year in September, January and April. Edited by Lat Blaylock, REtoday magazine is jam-packed with classroom activities, teaching ideas, opinion pieces, the latest news and reviews, as well as featuring NATRE's research journal: Professional Reflection. NATRE members receive the latest magazine with their termly mailings.
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Digital RE
Faith stories: an example of how to use story, ICT and a digital camera for good learning in RE.

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