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More information on Essential RE: Spirit

Essential RE: Spirit

Stephen Pett

... : Spirit Stephen Pett A resource packed with practical and thoughtful ideas for exploring what it means to live a spiritual life, looking at religious and non-religious perspectives. Essential RE: Spirit offers a rich resource to explore the spiritual in RE. With examples from Christianity, ...

More information on REtoday 34:3 (April 2017)

REtoday 34:3 (April 2017)

Lat Blaylock

... the ways religion can be both attacked and defended. For teachers of RE across the UK, the commitment to investigating the world of religious belief in a broad-minded and open-hearted way is a defence of freedom, and an attack on ignorance. This issue of REtoday magazine ...

More information on Living Values

Living Values

Edited by Shahne Vickery

... for Life resource which takes eighteen Christian values as themes for a three-year rolling programme for collective worship. Living Values supports the strong values education focus that is now part of the SIAS process. Living Values was especially written to complement the popular Values for Life resource which ...

More information on Stories Jesus Told

Stories Jesus Told

Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

... With delightful illustrations and easy to read text, this is an ideal introduction to this simple, short and often very funny stories, sharing truth, love and wisdom with young children. This omnibus edition includes eight of Jesus' best loved stories. Children relate to ...

More information on Essential RE - Series Bundle

Essential RE - Series Bundle

... the heart of religions and also of central value for the personal development of students. Each book explores the concept from a range of religious and non-religious perspectives, providing a wealth of ideas and resources for your RE classroom. 234 photocopiable pages More than 400 classroom activities ...

More information on Essential RE: Truth

Essential RE: Truth

Stephen Pett

... truth in the RE classroom, including the Qur'an, miracles, truth claims, and Genesis and science. Essential RE: Truth explores religious and non-religious responses to questions of truth. It provides classroom resources and ideas to support students in examining and reflecting on the importance ...

More information on Essential RE: Freedom

Essential RE: Freedom

Stephen Pett

... , religion and belief. Students have opportunities to consider ideas of freedom for themselves and others, in the light of their learning about religious and non-religious responses. Essential RE: Freedom explores ideas of freedom arising from human experience, religion and belief. Classroom resources and ...

More information on Essential RE: Living

Essential RE: Living

Stephen Pett

... , Jewish, Muslim, Sikh and Humanist views. Essential RE: Living explores the question: How should we live? It explores religious and non-religious values and responses to this question, reflecting on Jewish, Muslim and Humanist codes for living, and considering what the ...

More information on Questions: Expressing Meaning

Questions: Expressing Meaning

Edited by Stephen Pett

... religions communicate matters of significance. Students can reflect on how far rituals can express deep commitment, and explore ways in which music conveys religious responses to liberation. Original art work is used in an exploration of the use of angel images in Islam, Christianity and popular ...

More information on Science & Belief - Teachers Notes

Science & Belief - Teachers Notes

Professor Russell Stannard

... The resulting 12 short video films, giving 120 minutes of viewing, are freely available on YouTube, and provide a rich resource for education and good learning in schools and colleges for 14- 19-year-olds and for adult education groups. Imprint: ISBN: 120124 Science& ...