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More information on REtoday 35:1 (September 2017)

REtoday 35:1 (September 2017)

Lat Blaylock

... of belief is the only future for the Earth, and so RE teachers contribute to that future wherever they highlight the potential greatness of religious visions (alongside the dark side). Click 'View PDF extract' above to see the full contents list for this issue. ...


Roots and Fruits 2

Shahne Vickery and Carolyn Wright

... community, dignity, wisdom, joy and peace. The first four of these values are integral to the Church of England vision for Education and underpin the new evaluation schedule for the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). Roots and Fruits 2 can ...

More information on Sacred Spaces - Polish Roman Catholic Church

Sacred Spaces - Polish Roman Catholic Church

... use with 10-12-year-olds, but may be used for other age groups as well. An outcome of a DfES/NATRE/Bradford Interfaith Education Centre project. Imprint: ISBN: 0612A Sacred Spaces- Polish Roman Catholic Church Sacred Spaces- Polish Roman Catholic Church- ...

More information on Picturing Islam, Picturing Muslims

Picturing Islam, Picturing Muslims

Lat Blaylock and Stephen Pett

... understanding Islamic theology.- 24 picture cards which energise students thinking and their creativity- Activities that promote enquiry and deeper engagement- Key religious and spiritual questions to challenge pupils- Suitable for both primary and secondary schools- Great lesson ideas based on visual learning- Includes ...