Picturing Islam, Picturing Muslims

A visual teaching resource pack for exploring British and global Islam

Lat Blaylock and Stephen Pett

ISBN: 9781910261545 Published: 25 January 2020 Format: Book and Picture cards Pages: Phase: Cross Phase £45.00


This exceptional picture pack offers 24 picture cards as doorways into the diverse global world of Islam and Muslims. It connects central concepts in Islam to concrete examples of Muslim life and practice, covering different times and places. This pack provides over 72 classroom activities to enable pupils to explore and examine these diverse images and artworks. These activities help pupils aged 7 to 14 to encounter some big ideas in RE classrooms, to recognise how these play out in the lives of Muslims across time (from seventh-century Arabia to today) and across place (from the UK to the US, North Africa, the Middle East, India and Indonesia).

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