RE Ideas: Community

Fiona Moss

ISBN: 9781910261194 Published: 01 January 2017 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 32 Phase: £10.00


This book has been written to provide the RE subject leader and class teacher with ideas and planning for good-quality RE that will support a progression of teaching of community across the whole school.

For our youngest children we explore simple ideas of how we should treat each other using the example of the Golden Rule, shared by many communities both non-religious and religious. We ask the question 'Which communities do we belong to?' using a hexagon strategy with pupils to identify this, and begin to map the features of these communities, noting similarities and differences.

For older children we look at two specific communities, Sikhs and Muslims, exploring the significance of the Akhand Path for Sikhs and the concept of Ummah for Muslims. Both of the units use interviews with young people to enable pupils to hear the views of those who are part of a religious community. Communities often share a commitment to making the world better and work from Christian Aid and Islamic Relief gives teachers strategies and resources to do this.

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