RE Ideas: Jesus

Fiona Moss

ISBN: 9781910261118 Published: 05 January 2016 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 32 Phase: £10.00


RE Ideas: Jesus explores the importance of Jesus for Christians using engaging ways of exploring the Bible narrative, art, song and prayer. The book contains high-quality learning strategies and resources to support teaching and learning about Jesus in RE lessons across the primary school.

For our youngest children, we explore the person of Jesus through stories, using a variety of transferable strategies. Consideration of the narrative of the life of Jesus using stories, song and artefacts continues to explore in detail examples of how Christians believe Jesus is an inspiration: the Son of God come down to earth, teaching his people to think about God, to ask questions, to be generous, to forgive. One of our popular large pictures is used to look at artistic portrayals of Jesus in stained glass: how Christians use art to teach about Jesus, and what important beliefs these pieces of art show. Pupils are encouraged to speculate and evaluate using their knowledge about Jesus. For older pupils, we look at what Jesus did and did not teach about prayer, using biblical text and jelly babies! We also use historical information to explore what it means when Christians talk about Jesus being a messiah. Finally, for subject leaders, we look at who Christians say Jesus is and what other religions say about Jesus. On our inside back cover, we refer to the beautiful piece of art The Dalit Madonna to allow pupils to explore the importance of Jesus to worldwide communities.

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