The Bible: The Big Story

Stephen Pett

ISBN: 9781905893454 Published: 15 August 2011 Format: Half-Can wiro Pages: 128 Phase: £35.75  £17.88


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The Bible: the Big Story addresses the challenge of teaching the Bible in a dynamic, coherent and relevant way for 11 - 14s. It comprises lesson outlines for teachers, varied learning activities, photocopiable resource pages, assessment ideas and stimulating original art works.

The Bible: the Big Story explores a Christian understanding of the big story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, Creation to New Creation, pairing nine Old Testament concepts with their equivalent fulfilment in the New Testament. Concepts include creation, Fall, sin, forgiveness, sacrifice, justice, exile and Messiah. Each concept is illustrated with a key story or text as well as stunning artwork. The whole course could be taught in 18 lessons, or pairs of concepts selected to support other themes.

An accompanying CD-ROM includes copies of all the art works, with student resource sheets and other support material.


"Instead of adopting a simple story-telling approach to the subject matter, it engages fully with the underlying theology of the Bible and presents this in a modern and easily accessible context. The artwork is original and will provide many activities for picture responses. It uses the RE Today 'I can' statements for assessment on the 8 level scale and also links closely to the themes of the Non-statutory Guidance for RE. This is a very welcome addition to textbooks on the Bible and presents the material with a clear, engaging and open approach. Highly recommended."
The Goodbookstall
"RE Today have developed a fantastic set of creative RE lessons for the 11-14 age group, based on the idea of exploring Bible stories using art and brilliant investigative questioning techniques that will challenge your students to dig deep.
Whether you think you could teach RE lessons in your sleep, or you're just thinking about approaching your local school to get involved, I'd recommend this as a great tool for teaching from and about the Bible."
Amy Stock, schools worker and Project Director of
"The Bible: The Big Story covers RE in Key Stage 3 for 11 - 14 year olds - in some ways the hardest age-group to motivate. GCSE is still some way off, and the joyous enthusiasm of primary school years is beginning to fade. Big Society, big story, this is a lovely volume to which no one could possibly object. The cost is explained by the accompanying CD-ROM; and photocopiable materials are always a big draw for hard-pressed classroom practitioners. The book is worth every penny."
Dennis Richards, Church Times, 3 February 2012

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