Questions: Ways of Living

ISBN: 9781905893379 Published: 01 April 2010 Format: 297mm x 210mm Paperback Pages: 32 Phase: Secondary View PDF extract £9.50


This book explores questions raised by diverse ways of life, both religious and non-religious. Students can consider the demands of living the simple life, according to Francis of Assisi, as well as an atheist's challenge to religious believers. They can reflect on the impact of encounters with death on how a person lives and what they believe. A range of case studies from Sikhism and Christianity give a chance to examine the ways people put their beliefs into action, and a unit considers what we can learn from Holocaust studies. Packed with active learning strategies and original material from religious and non-religious sources, this book will help your 11-16 students develop their RE skills and reflect on their own attitudes.

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