Picturing Jesus: Fresh Ideas

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 9781905893195 Published: Format: Pages: Phase: Cross phase £31.00


These pictures tell gospel stories from Bethlehem to the resurrection. Taken from five continents, the images are supported with full teacher's notes, black and white line drawings, ideas for classroom learning across the age range, links to syllabuses and copiable materials for the classroom.
This is our biggest and best resource on the life of Jesus ever, and includes artwork by famous artists such as Paul Gauguin and Stanley Spencer, alongside lesser known but equally challenging artists from Asia, Africa, Australia and the Americas. The work is fully supported with assessment ideas and writing frames, but its imaginative potential is at its heart.


"Here is another collection of art works in the excellent series from RE Today (Pack A and B were published in 2001 and 2003 respectively). This set of 24 pictures of the life of Jesus take images from global contemporary Christian art and complements the previous two. Each photo has on its reverse; details of the artwork, the Bible story related to the picture, questions to aid discussion and a comment about the significance of the events shown. This alone would be a great resource. However, this pack has the bonus of a CD Rom that holds alll 24 works of art - so much more useful for whole class discussion when we all have interactive whiteboards in our classrooms.
It holds a gallery of children's art work (aged 6-16) inspired by the life of Jesus, a commentary and questions about the work. This will surely inspire any teacher, no matter how lacking in Art or RE confidence, to have a go!
The CD Rom also shows 19 creative classroom tasks and examples of work resulting from the task to model and inspire.
Finally there is teacher support material, including information on assessment. If this were not enough, the book to accompany the pack is packed full of useful ideas and information.
Buy this pack - the rewards for your class will be great!"
Jan Randall, Class Teacher and Senior Manager, Nursling Primary School, Southampton. Association of Christian Teachers website, 2009.
"Picturing Jesus is a great piece of visceral visual learning, which enables me to stretch my highest achievers, but also intrigues and stimulates learners who are struggling. I love it!"
Doug, teacher in Huddersfield

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