Creative RE

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 978905893126 Published: 01 January 2008 Format: A4 Booklet Pages: 32 Phase: View PDF extract £9.50


The book is not just concerned with visula art. We have sought here to provide some well-worked teaching ideas for the RE classroom that use the arts from within religions to raise questions of meaning and purpose. And we have also tried to be alert to the creativity of pupils. If RE is to set the highest possible standards of learning, a part of its task is to unlock and liberate imaginative and creative talent in pursuit of the spirituality that makes meaning in life. This can be done by any child.
Provides ideas that refer to many religions, and might apply to every pupil. We hope teachers will find ideas here that they would like to try, and the confidence that comes from wuch ideas being presented in 'classroom ready' ways.

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