Picturing Easter

Lat Blaylock and Victoria Ikwuemesi

ISBN: 9781905893041 Published: 01 March 2008 Format: A4 paperback with 8 A4 picture cards Pages: 24 Phase: Cross phase £28.00


Eight works of art reproduced on tear-proof cards for handing around and on a CD-ROM for projection - telling the Easter narrative. Each card is backed with comments, questions, biblical references and suggestions for responding as an individual or a group to the artwork. There is a also a 24-page facilitator's guide with further suggestions for learning strategies and background material, written by Lat Blaylock and Victoria Ikwuemesi.

Originally devised for use in secondary schools, like the other packs in this series, Picturing Easter has been welcomed and widely used by those working with groups of all ages in the church.


"Out of the many resources on the market to help teachers teach the Easter Story, this one has excellent content for wide and flexible use, and presents good value for money. Useful information on progression is provided in the book and exemplified on the CD Rom, which is also packed full of inspirational ideas from specific school contexts and a humorous pedagogical fantasy - all good stuff for training staff too."
Cathy Davie, RE Adviser, Southwark Diocesan Board of Education. Association of Christian Teachers website, June 2008

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