Jesus - who is he?

Edited by Rosemary Rivett

ISBN: 9781904024255 Published: 01 January 2003 Format: A4 paperback Pages: 33 Phase: Secondary £10.00


The introductory article in this book is by Professor John Hull and is a rich and challenging starting point from which the publication moves into a range of practical stimulus material designed to encourage both 'learning about' and 'learning from' the person of Jesus in the secondary classroom. Contents include, Jesus - his centrality in RE, Jesus: Who was he? Who is he? Who will he be?, The biblical Jesus - insights from the gospels, Jesus - a rebel within Judaism?, Jesus the transformer - teaching about the kingdom of God, Jesus - what difference does he make today?, Case studies - Jesus' teaching in action today, Jesus the unique? - faith perspectives and Interpreting Jesus - some approaches.

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