REtoday 38:2

REtoday 38:2

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 200351 Published: 01 January 2020 Format: Paperback Pages: 92 Phase: £25.00  £12.00


This term's theme of identity, we look at issues about race and racism, giving voice to four trans Christians who share their intimate identity with us, examining what it means to be human, will be - an enriching read for you, the teacher, as well as a source of practical ideas for your lessons. The question 'Who am I?' doesn't seem adequate to me - we are forever changing, always in flux, so I prefer thinking about 'Who am I becoming?' Martin Buber again: 'When we encounter another individual truly as a person, not as an object for use, we become fully human.'RE sets laughably lofty ideals sometimes for a subject that gets barely an hour a week. But I think that at its best the subject enables pupils to engage in that kind of encounter that enables them to be more fully themselves, more fully human. Good luck with that this term.
Lat Blaylock, Editor.

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