Examining Religion and Belief : Sikhs

Examining Religion and Belief : Sikhs

Stephen Pett

ISBN: 190102 Published: 07 January 2019 Format: A4 Paperback Pages: 33 Phase: £9.90


This book offers creative ideas and resources for exploring Sikh ideas and practices in the secondary RE classroom. Designed to be flexible and practical, helping students to learn
lots and develop their own thinking, resources include:
- An introduction to Sikhism
- The voices of some Sikh young people
- An exploration of the Guru Granth Sahib
- An examination of art by the Singh Twins
- An infographic giving data on Sikhs in the UK and beyond
- Units on becoming a Khalsa Sikh and Sikh experiences of God
- Scholars on translating Sikh scriptures and studying Sikhism


"A practical, accurate and thought provoking publication with useful insights into the Sikh way of life. I think it's an excellent addition to what is available about Sikhism (Sikhi) for the classroom teacher. This book definitely moves way beyond looking and the 5Ks and delves into some of the essence of Sikhs relationship with God and others. Well done."
Pamela Draycott

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