Why do some people think Jesus is inspirational? KS3

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 140307 Published: 01 September 2014 Format: Download Pages: 14 Phase: £9.00


Pupils aged 11 - 12 consider the impact that believing in Jesus will have on a believer's life and reflect on the importance of Jesus for Christians today by considering the celebrations at the festival of Holy Week and Easter. In this unit, pupils will have the opportunity to explore how Jesus is represented in art and reflect on the meaning of these different interpretations. They will also have the opportunity to interview a Christian visitor about the importance of Jesus for them. The themes addressed in this unit are: inspirational people; religious teachings and authority; beliefs and questions; religion and the individual; and symbols and expression. These themes are exemplified mainly through the religion of Christianity, although some reference to another religion can be made.

Suitable for Year Groups 7/8.

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