Religion: is it a cause of conflict or a power for peace?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 140305 Published: 01 September 2014 Format: Download Pages: 27 Phase: £9.00


The PDF unit poses many questions about the nature of religion and links between religion and war and religion and peace. From the experience of injustice, feelings of revenge or hate arise. How are these to be dealt with or understood? Why is there conflict and war? What do people believe about human nature and the prevalence of conflict?

Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and non-religious belief systems offer resources for exploring questions about conflict, war and peace; these include sacred texts and stories, practice in the faith community and historical examples. Sikh teaching about God, equality and service to others (sewa) sets ideals for Sikh living; the teaching and example of Jesus about loving your enemies, forgiveness, and living at peace, inspires the Christian community. In Islam, the religion means 'peace' and the Prophet established peace where war had been common in the first Islamic communities. Among Humanists, opposition to nuclear war and commitment to other peace causes have long been common ground. But communities of belief and faith don't always live up to their ideals.

Why is conflict so common among human communities? Does religion cause conflict or make peace? What role has religion had in some conflicts across the world recently, and why?

Suitable for years 8 & 9.

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