The Rosie Stories - Set of three.

Trisha Budd

ISBN: 130212W Published: 01 January 2013 Format: Pages: Phase: £13.50
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The Rosie Stories are designed to help 7 - 11s cope with some of the big changes which take place in our lives - new babies, weddings and funerals.
Each story gives a Humanist perspective and can be read by pupils on their own, or by the teacher. Each A5 book has 34 pages and full-colour artwork throughout.
There are three books in the series, available only as a set:
1. James and Rosie's Big Day: The story of a Humanist Baby Naming Ceremony
2. Rosie on Camera: The Story of a Humanist Wedding Ceremony
3. Rosie Remembers: The Story of a Humanist Funeral

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