The Miracle Maker DVD

ISBN: 130206 Published: 01 January 2000 Format: DVD Pages: Phase: £10.99
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'The Miracle Maker' is an animated feature-length film of the life of Jesus. The story is told through the eyes of Tamar, the terminally ill daughter of Jairus, a priest in Capernaum in first century Israel. Although Tamar is not mentioned in the Gospels, this poetic license provides an excellent vehicle through which to engage the audience.

The Miracle maker combines lifelike 3D model animation for the main plot, with graphically striking 2D animation to show parables, flashbacks, stories and encounters. Combined with the distinguished voices of such well-known actors as Ralph Fiennes (Jesus), Richard E Grant (John the Baptist), Ian Holm (Pontius Pilate) and Miranda Richardson (Mary Magdalene), the story of Jesus, is powerfully and movingly told, engaging the viewer in the power struggles, passion, despair and elation of the man who is The Miracle Maker.

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