Symbols of Faith and Signs of Belonging: Why are they important?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 130111 Published: 01 May 2013 Format: Download Pages: Phase: £9.00


This PDF unit of work is designed to help pupils learn about some of the intended meanings from a range of symbols. The unit considers religious symbols and their meanings for Hindus, Christians and Muslims and pupils are given the opportunity to deepen their understanding of some religious concepts. They think about how symbols show us something important and consider what symbols matter to them.

The unit builds on previous work, for example on learning what religion is, and about sacred places, signs and symbols. Links to literacy where pupils are beginning to learn about figurative language are important, and the whole function of the unit is to help pupils see beyond the surface of an object, sign or word, and look for a deeper meaning. Religious symbols are imbued with centuries of meaning for millions of people, so it's important that pupils see the significance of a symbol, more than a badge or logo!

Suitable for Year Group 2.

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