What can we learn from stories in the Christian Bible & Muslim Qur'an?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 130110 Published: 01 March 2013 Format: Download Pages: Phase: £8.00


This PDF unit provides a simple introduction to the sacred texts of Christianity and Islam: the Bible and the Qur'an. Children will discover why these books matter most in the religions they are learning about. The themes of beliefs and stories are addressed here. Children will learn about four or more stories from the two religions and think for themselves about what the stories mean and why they matter very much to Christians and Muslims. Pupils will have come across these two religions in their early RE work, but teaching must begin simply by clarifying: what is a religion? What religions do we know about? Tell children that the Christian and Muslim religions are the two biggest faith communities both in the world and in the UK.

Suitable for Year Group 1/2.

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