Artcards Series Two - Questions for God


ISBN: 120207 Published: 27 February 2012 Format: Cards Pages: Phase: £9.50


This resource is all about using art to open up big questions and ideas with primary age children.

The pack comprises 12 high quality Artcards complete with stunning images based on questions by children that they have thought of to ask God. The cards are designed to unpack and dig deeper into the big ideas and questions that children have about the world around them and God.
Series 2 differs from series 1 in that it has been designed for a younger age group, primarily 7-13 year olds. Like any of our resources they can be adapted for any age group, however the pitch of the questions has been aimed at a younger audience than the first series
The questions are grouped into four categories, and there will be a lesson pack (including the digital images) coming in the next few days.

The four categories are:
1. Questions about 'creation'
2. Questions about 'the world'
3. Questions about 'wonder'
4. Questions about 'knowing me'

On the back of each Artcard, are three sections: an idea, two questions and a task. This makes the resource very adaptable and usable for classroom settings, with the option of focusing on just one category per lesson, or for older students who can handle lots of different ideas, the option to include a variety of topics spread throughout the class to enable more varied and interesting conversations. More tips and ideas for lessons to come in the lesson pack very soon (watch this space for details).

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