Keeping the Five Pillars of Islam: Muslim life today

ISBN: 100336 Published: 08 February 2011 Format: Download Pages: 16 Phase: Primary £8.80


This PDF unit of work is intended to enable pupils to understand the significance of the Five Pillars of Islam, and to reflect on the sources of strength in their own lives. Some pupils will know a lot about Five Pillars from their own faith community, but the intentions here are to provide space for depth of thinking and developing understanding for all children, including some who know very little of the Muslim faith. The unit deals with Islam through a focus on the beliefs and concepts associated with the Five Pillars and their impact on the life of a Muslim. In this way the pupils will be enabled to think about their own experience. Using discussion, ICT presentation skills, and research and literacy skills, pupils will have opportunities to broaden their knowledge and understanding of religion.

The unit will provide opportunities for pupils to:

encounter Islam as a living religion in Britain today through visitors and visits to places of worship

raise questions about Islam and discover answers for themselves

discuss religious and philosophical questions, giving reasons for their own beliefs and for the Muslim beliefs they study

consider a range of human experiences and feelings such as the experiences of prayer, fasting or pilgrimage, and relate these to their own lives making simple links of thought and experience

reflect on their own and others' insights into questions of meaning and purpose in life

be able to use ICT to develop their awareness of Islam as a living religion.

Suitable for Year Groups 3/4.

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