How Do People Express Their Spiritual Ideas?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 100335 Published: 01 February 2011 Format: Download Pages: 12 Phase: Primary £8.80


This PDF unit enables pupils to engage with spiritual ideas through the arts. The focus is on engagement with Christian ideas explored through the arts.

Pupils are enabled to think for themselves about questions to do with the meaning, history and spirituality behind the works studied. Pupils are encouraged to consider what can be learned from these expressions of faith by referring to their own experiences, beliefs and values. The unit can work across a wide age range, and makes an exciting focus for an 'arts and RE' week, or some other way of working in intense time periods.

This unit will help teachers to implement the requirements for RE by providing them with well-worked examples of teaching and learning about the theme of spirituality in the arts by using the concepts of worship, meditation and celebration. It contributes to the continuity and progression of pupils' learning by developing their knowledge of Christianity.

This unit also has strong links with the Art and Literacy curricula.

Suitable for Year Groups 3 - 6.

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