How Do We Say Thank You for our Beautiful World? What can we learn from stories Christians tell?

ISBN: 100334 Published: 08 February 2011 Format: Download Pages: Phase: Primary £8.80


This PDF unit enables pupils to develop an awareness of a Jewish and Christian creation story and be encouraged to consider and ask questions about our world today. It provides opportunities for their own creativity and for reflection on the beauty of the world we live in. The idea of being thankful is used to aid reflection.

The focus is on developing children's understanding of a story that matters to Christians about the world's beginnings. Pupils will be enabled to think for themselves about questions of beginnings. Pupils are encouraged to consider what can be learned from creation, and to think about what it means to care for the natural world (the idea of care as an expression of thanks is applied more generally).

The starting point for this unit for 6 - 7 year olds is a Christian creation story from the Bible, which is used to generate and explore questions from pupils about origins and beginnings. Issues and stories from the contemporary world will illustrate ideas about caring for the earth and being thankful for the earth. Pupils will develop simple understanding of key Christian beliefs and other beliefs about the beginnings of life and the earth's creation. They will have the chance to express thanks and be creative themselves.

The unit will provide opportunities for pupils to:
Think and talk about beginnings and creation stories in a questioning way
Consider a diverse range of views about questions of origins and beginnings
Develop some creative ideas of their own, from their study of Jewish and Christian story in Genesis 1 of the Bible
Experience thanking and being thanked, praising and being praised.

Suitable for Year Group 2.

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