Worship and festivities: How and why do Hindus celebrate Divali?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 100331 Published: 15 October 2010 Format: Download Pages: 10 Phase: Primary £8.00


This PDF unit uses active learning styles and strategies to help pupils aged 7 - 9 to understand the place of celebration and festivities in Hindu life, making links to their own experience of religious or family celebrations. It provides opportunities for discussion and debate about the place of festivals in religion, and encourages pupils to look below the surface of religious practice to think about religious beliefs and ideas as well.

It provides opportunities for pupils' own spiritual and cultural development through looking at themes of good and evil, light and darkness, and unity and diversity in practice. The unit has a global dimension: Hindu festivals in India and in the UK are celebrated in ways that are similar and different.

Appendix: there is a chart of progression activities on the last page of this unit.

This unit will help teachers to implement the requirements for RE by providing opportunities to learn about Hindu religion and learn from its celebrations for themselves. The study unit gives scope for the development of understanding of religious diversity and of some key Hindu beliefs and concepts (e.g. in karma, dharma, the gods and goddesses and the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness).

The unit anticipates a further study of what it means for believers from different religions to celebrate their festivals and to worship later in Key Stage 2.

Suitable for Year Groups 3/4.

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