What can we learn from talking about God?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 100330 Published: 15 October 2010 Format: Download Pages: 9 Phase: Primary £8.00


This PDF unit enables young pupils to explore ideas about God simply for themselves and to consider what this concept might mean for Christians. Asking questions and thinking about stories are the main methods by which the enquiry begins.

The focus is on pupils exploring the concept of God for themselves through asking questions and using metaphors to help understand characteristics of God. There is also an element that enables pupils to explore what Christians believe about God and how they respond to God. Different ideas about God are positively welcomed in this unit: it is thoughtfulness, not any particular stance that makes good RE here.

Pupils are encouraged to consider what can be learned from beliefs about God by listening to stories and referring to their own experiences, beliefs and values.

Suitable for Year Group 1/2.

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