Celebrating: How do we celebrate special times?

Lat Blaylock

ISBN: 100328 Published: 15 October 2010 Format: Download Pages: 14 Phase: Primary £8.80


This PDF unit enables pupils to focus on celebrations they have experienced and to learn about and from the celebrations of others. It uses play-based learning and speaking and listening approaches which enable children's learning progress in line with some Early Learning Goals (ELGs).

The focus is on enabling children to reflect on what it means to celebrate and why people celebrate. Pupils are encouraged to consider what can be learned from their own experiences of celebrations as well as learning about and from the celebrations of others.

This unit will help teachers to implement the requirements for RE by providing them with well-worked examples of teaching and learning about the theme of celebrations, using the concepts of special days, beliefs and worship and examples of how people celebrate special days. This unit contributes to the continuity and progression of pupils' learning by linking with four of the ELGs. The unit anticipates a further study of celebrations in different religions.

Suitable for Foundation Stage 2.

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