A Teacher's Handbook of RE, 3rd edn

Edited by Rosemary Rivett

ISBN: 9781904024958 Published: 01 March 2007 Format: A4 paperback Pages: 88 £15.00


A revised and updated 88-page edition of this invaluable publication for all religious education professionals by the RE Today advisory team, edited by Rosemary Rivett

The Handbook has been written to provide the RE subject leader or teacher with the tools to do the job well. Combining depth with a wide breadth of issues, the Handbook gives guidance and support on all the major issues that RE teachers need to think through, from Assessment to Thinking Skills, from the role of the teacher to the teaching of Humanism, from Christianity to Sikhism via a full range of other religions, from 4-year-olds to 19-year-olds. It is practical and classroom-close, but never over-simplifies the complex business of making RE work well for pupils. No one who teaches RE can afford to be without the new edition of this concise but comprehensive guide.


"This book should be in every setting where RE is taught! It will make the lives of Heads of RE and RE co-ordinators so much easier. Having this book within easy reach may help raise the profile of RE within the school, improve the quality of the RE provision and, all importantly, increase the enjoyment of the pupils studying the subject."
Jocleyn Sumner, Partnership Director, University of Exeter. Association of Christian Teachers Sept 2008.